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How Much Money do Real Estate Agents Make

Generally, real estate agents work for real estate brokers, who act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of real estate. Real estate, that includes land and all permanent fixtures on the http://realestate.al.com/ land, can be classified as residential or commercial. The classification depends on whether or not the property generates income. Commercial properties are income generating properties, while residential ones are meant for occupation by the owner as his primary residence. In order to become a real estate agent, a person needs to be at least 18 years of age and should have graduated from high school. Moreover, he needs to complete 75-80

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Real Estate Investment in a High-Interest-Rate Environment

Real estate investors are affected by high interest rates despite of whether the real estate investment in private market or public market. The distinction among real estate investment http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/ in private market and public market is private market contains investors purchasing real estate property himself whereas public real estate market includes those investors who is purchasing a security in a publicly traded real estate company particularly as real estate investment trusts or REITs.

With exemption of real estate market in 2010, housing prices and interest rates were low similarly interest rates and property values having a converse botanique at bartley prices relationship. For Example, when housing prices are high then interest rates are low whereas when housing prices are low interest rates are high. For private real estate investors or homebuyers who plan on maintaining the property for minimum seven years, it is desirable to purchase real estate property when interest rates are low and values of property are high because property values usually appreciate with time. Additionally, low interest rates with 15 or 30 year fixed mortgage maintain reasonable monthly mortgage payment. Though, for a private real estate investor who can easily afford a large down payment on the property and reimburse the mortgage faster with larger payment, it is worthwhile to purchase property with low property values and high rate of interests. It is because the investors can reinvest the property when rates of interest go down https://www.coldwellbanker.com/ or go for an adjustable-rate-mortgage in which interest rates on the mortgage is lower than market rate.


In REITs, high interest rates are unfavourable to the REIT price, yields and its leverage. As values of property lean to decrease with increasing rates of interest, the REITs price tends to reduce resulting in decreasing dividend payouts and lower the values of REIT generally result in withdrawing investments of investors. Since 2015 , although debt ratio of REITs have kept below 55% for the past 10 years, with the high value of net asset, a REIT can influence more lines of credit or increase more debt to grow. Though, as property values decrease with high interest rates, a REITs net asset value also devaluates, in turn devaluating the REITs leverage that limits the credit amount it can appreciate.

A yield of REITs is directly proportional to an ability of REIT to increase revenue. Revenue is generally accrued from the4 income of rent, funds from operations (FFOs) and related service income. If the REIT grips real estate protected by an extended lease, the REIT should not then increase rents on those properties. On the contrary the inverse also applies i.e. if rest increased on properties in a REIT that now has a lower property value due to high rates of interest. A REIT not only maintains with inflation but also remains profitable devoid of any additional resource consumption when it face the high interest rates market. The high possibility of financial loss faced by REIT with high interest rates in occasionally alleviated with interest rate swaps where the creditor evades the interest rate with swap counterparty. The swap guards the REIT from decreasing in price and permits it to analyse its future leverage.

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only for the brave | Reuters

ABUJA On one of the most exclusive streets in Nigeria's capital sits a crumbling mansion with an unwelcoming message painted at its entrance: "BEWARE! THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE".

The warning refers to a popular property scam. In the most elaborate version, robbers break into your house while you are away, change the locks, and then produce multiple copies of fake title deeds. Posing as estate agents, they show buyers around your house and sell as many copies of the deeds as possible. When you get back, your house belongs to six people.

This sort of deception epitomizes the tricky nature of Nigeria's real estate business, but despite the risks, there are huge returns to be had

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Real Estate Websites

RealEstateMentor.coRealEstateMentor.co has information to help real estate investors with answers to the key questions: Where & How do I find a good profitable real estate deal? How do I analyze potential deals to make sure that they are profitable deals? How do I negotiate a good deal? How do I structure & finance a deal?

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3 Crucial factors to know about Real Estate Logo Design by Logo Jin

Like every big industry, Real Estate business is really an amazing part of the market that is contributing a lot in the economy of respective country or region. As the nature of business is entirely comprised of property, so you will notice house, building, roads etc pictures in their logo designs very commonly. The most successful logo design should have business objectives, niche markets preferences and humanity all around. When we talk about real estate, we talk about shelter, comfort, peace of mind, family, office etc, so there has to be the feel of being human in real estate logo designs.

Real estate logo design communicates the idea of what kind of properties you work with, is it related to residential or commercial? You primarily deal in apartments or homes, every single detail you must know. Your appealing and http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/real-estate/index.html eye-captivating real estate logo design is an asset for your business, through which you will be known by in future.

For that you need to know 3 crucial factors to get influencing real estate logo design for your company.

Your Real Estate logo design must declare its Niche market

It is obvious that there is one or few certain niches you work for, neither everyone is your client nor everyone will buy from you. So you have to be very specific whom you offer your real estate services. It should indicate whether you sell vacation properties or residential plots, is it property investment or you offer rental services. Your real estate logo design should be loud enough to be understood, clear and bold. This will pull more and more customers towards your niche, because it will clearly say what you sell and for whom. This way you can save a lot of time and energy by not encountering irrelevant clients.

Your clearly illustrated Real estate logo will look confident when you say what you sell and who are the clients, instead of inviting everyone at your door steps. They know you cant facilitate everyone.

Real Estate Logo design can be interesting

Usually real estate logo designs are very boring and technical, that might not strike on your audience at once. Why not you be imaginative and putt all the interesting stuff in your real estate logo botanique at bartley price psf design that can attract your clients. It will give you a unique corporate identity, while do not forget to maintain your professionalism. Real estate botanique @ bartley logo design with USP can never be forgotten.

Real Estate Logo Design should have meaningful Conception

Without a direction, you will end up on anywhere, but anywhere is not your destiny, you should end up on something you ever wanted. Similarly, your real estate logo design should have proper concept that will build your business character, personality, traits, and strength etc. It has to be interesting for your clients, and to know your client, you should know each and everything about them. Their demographics, their buying habits, their preferences, economical condition etc

If you thoroughly understood above 3 crucial factors, you will be having maximum number of your real estate clients in future. To know more about the authors company, login to www.logojin.com

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Mobile Boomers for a Different Real Estate Investment Opportunity | Ryan Poelman


You'll see articles on the Web about Warren Buffet's bigtime investment in mobile home parks. There's a lot of money to be made in the niche, but I'm not writing here about the more permanent resident type park with full size mobile homes parked there for years. I'm talking http://www.longandfoster.com/ about RV, Recreational Vehicle parks, operated more like hotels with overnight stays up through month-to-month rentals of space. Some of them may also offer full time spaces fo

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Real Estate Investing 101 - Applying Real Estate Investment Strategies.

Forget about all the Sunday morning infomercials...Forget about all the hype of "I made $25,000 in one deal" crowd...Forget about the PR person and sales gurus who lay claim that the pathway to riches is 2 blocks over...Real Estate Investing 101 is a challenging, all the same very rewarding, long-run, venture that is really not for everybody.

So how do you define investment real estate? Do you simply buy a lottery ticket every week? You know, there's an old saying that goes http://realestate.nola.com/ like this "I used to wonder about all the things I would buy if I won the lottery, and now I wonder how am I going to make my next Mortgage paym